Closure... Maths Class 2012

Dear S1-04

It's been a pleasure to be with you on your maiden learning journey in SST :)

In our attempt to make the learning experience more enriching and to bring out the "SST Flavour: Applied Learning with Technology use", several "new" approaches were introduced over the past few months. To name a few:
  • 6 AM Quiz
  • Story Marathon @ Facebook that bring a twist 
  • "Coffee Table book" @ Facebook on the topic of Geometry
  • Outdoor Data Collection Mission (eLearning activity cum Performance Task)
  • Problem Solving related to real life (e.g. The Cornfield Corn)
  • Hands-on activities like folding of rectangular sheets to learn about expansion
  • Formative assessment before the major assessments
  • Assessment through Viva Voce (Practice & Performance task)
  • Activities such as analysing the PSI values of different parts of Singapore at different times of the year
  • Creating Posters for the topic on Estimation
  • ...
Remember to attempt the closure survey posted at the GoogleSite (Announcement Page), which would be very helpful in shaping the kind of learning experiences you would like to have in the following year.

Construction: Key Ideas

1. Equidistance from a point (circle)
2. Equidistance from a line (parallel lines)
3. Equidistance from 2 lines (angle bisector)
4. Equidistance from 2 points (perpendicular bisector)
5. Construction of Triangle 6. Construction of Quadrilateral

Lesson on 20 Sep (Thursday) 1245-1335: Construction of Lines & Angles

Dear S1-04:
Note that I will be taking over Ms Tay's class on that day.
It will be MATHS lesson.
Please bring the following - CONSTRUCTION Set
(Ruler, Protractor, Compass, Eraser, Pencil)

Term 4 Week 2: Getting Ready & Materials to bring

Dear Students

We have completed (S2) Algebra - Factorisation.
Remember to do the Homework assigned.
Please bring along your Maths Textbook 1B and the Homework Handouts for Chap 9 & Chap 10 for lessons next week.

Submission of Performance Task (as at 13 Sep 2012, 2359h)

Dear S1-04
As of yesterday (deadline), the following have submitted. Thank you being on tme.

The following have not submitted the Performance Task, and therefore will be attending the Supervised Study session this afternoon (14 Sep) to complete the task.
  • [12] Khor Ethan
  • [16] Lim Zhongzhi
  • [20] Ryan Chew
  • [22] Teng Chen Chang Gabriel

Submission of Performance Task

To-date (11 September 2012), only the following have submitted the Performance Task

(S2) Chap 2: Factorisation using Cross Method Example 1

Algebra - Factorisation of Quadratic Expressions - Type A

Below is a playlist that is a collection of 7 examples - to factories different types of quadratic expressions using the Cross Method. Here's the direct LINK to the list of clips.

September Holiday... What's Up?

Dear S1-04

It is important for us to make good use of this holiday to get ourselves ready for the end-of-year exam.

There are several things that you

  • HAVE TO do...
    • Groundwork for Term 4 topics which you are pretty familiar with since primary school.
    • Go through the textbook and Acelearning materials before trying out the following:
      • Homework for (S1) Chap 9: Ratio, Rate & Speed
      • Homework for (S1) Chap 10: Percentage
    • We shall go through these when school re-opens.
    • Final Performance Task (Viva Voce) - Announcement page in GoogleSite
  • SHOULD do... 
    • Make sure that all handouts (especially the Homework) are attempted. Submit the unmarked worksheets by the first day when school reopens.
    • Revise Algebra (S2) Study notes - in particular, the expansion (esp using special products) and factorisation - we will continue with the topic when school reopens.
    • Start your revision if you have not done so... The exam preparation booklet would be a helpful guide. Most of the answers would be uploaded to the GoogleSite by the end of the holiday. Look out for the announcement in the Maths site.
Please refer to the GoogleSite for more details.

Remember to plan your time well. 
Take some good rest, especially the weekend before school reopens so that you are fully-recharged when return to school for the finale term :)