The Algebra that we know_Angeline and Chi Han

a) We need to use algebra to represent certain values which are unknown to us at that point of time, thus allowing us to organise payments to other people.

b)1•Time_Time represents parts of the day.Upon knowing time, we are able to have many schedules in a day as we are able to plan out  and know when  a particular schedule is.We would also not be late for any of our schedules as we are able to make timetables for our schedules.For example,I have many things to do today which is almost impossible to finish,but with the knowledge of time and with a timetable, I am able to squeeze every thing that I need to do in a day.

   2•Percentage_Percentage is relative to fraction,being parts of a whole.Upon knowing percentages,when we become businessmen, we are able to give discounts on our products thus attracting customers, and at the same time, we are still able to make profits.

   3• Geometry_Geometry is mathematical shapes and lines.Upon knowing geometry, and we are a designer, we are able to calculate the spaces between walls and pillars so as to ensure that are enough spaces to do activities and to put furnitures.

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