Chiam Chuen Maths Lesson 1 (01), (02) and (03)

Lesson 1 (01) Mathematics & Me...

(a) the success and joys that you have experienced in learning Mathematics.

Ans: Mathematics was the first subject that i mastered in primary school, scoring A*s and As.

(b) the challenges you have experienced with the subject; and how you think you could overcome these challenges this year?
Ans: I used to mix up my steps. I can label each step to make it easier for me to recall what that step is for. 

Lesson 1 (02) My Mathematics Classroom

How would you envisage the Maths experience in SST is going to be like...

(a)  In what way do you think learning would look like in our Maths classroom?

Ans:It will be like a question-answer time, where either the teacher asks the question and we answer or vice versa.

(b) How do we contribute to a conducive and encouraging learning environment?
Ans: We could pay attention to the lesson and encourage our friends.

Lesson 1 (03) What would help US learn better?

What are some strategies that you find helpful to learn well?
Ans: I feel that drawing mind maps with images help me to concentrate on the topic, and as for preparation for tests, i feel that we should jot down the important key points of every topic in to the maths notebook, and we can  just revise those key points to save time.  

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