Money,measurement and mensuration


It is the process of determining the ratio of a physical quantity, such as length, time, temperature etc., to a unit of measurement, such as the meter, second or degree celsius.We use measurement everyday... People measure the distance from how far a place is from another place to see how long they will take to reach the other place, engineering companies hired to build a building on a piece of land will have to measure the size of the land and the building so that the building won't exceed the size limit.


Money is an object that is generally accepted as payment for good and services.We use money for almost everything like paying for your food in a supermarket and maybe lending it to your friend or someone else.Money is in dollars($) and cents in Singapore.


(a) Mensuration helps us to calculate the amount of space (area) taken up and also helps us to calculate volume. We are then able to calculate accurately the area and volume.
(b) If I were an architect, I would need to calculate how much space my building would take up and to decide how much houses/buildings need to be cleared in order to make way for my building. If I need to water the plants in my garden I would need to calculate the volume of water needed so that I would only get the correct amount of water and not anymore. This would help me to reduce wastage.
One industry where the use of mensuration is the forestry. Making use of the formulas and various math disciplines to determine the pattern of anticipated growth of new trees is very important.

By:Wai Kit, Chun Leong and Yun Hui

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