Ratio-Application in real life

Builders use ratios all the time. Even tools simple tools may be referred to as 5/8 , 3/16 wrench. Trusses must have the correct ratio of pitch to support weight of roof and snow. Cement must be the correct mixture to be sturdy.

Bankers and accountants use ratios all the time: expense ration, turnover ration, debt/asset ratio, price/earnings ratio 
Artistic types use ratios to mix secondary and tertiary colour from primary colours, also the human body has certain ratios so when drawn, the bodies look in correct proportion if done to proper ratio.
Famous chefs work with recipes containing ratios such as teaspoon of one ingredient per cup of another. 
Doctors are always calculating ratios as they determine medications. mg of medications per 10 pounds etc. 

Teachers use ratios for grading determining class size

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