(a) the success and joys that you have experienced in learning Mathematics.
When i complete a hard math question,i feel happier as i have overcome a difficulty.
(b) the challenges you have experienced with the subject; and how you think you could overcome these challenges this year?
I think there will be tough questions this year, so i will have to learn new solutions,methods ro overcome them.

Lesson 1 (02) My Mathematics Classroom

How would you envisage the Maths experience in SST is going to be like...
(a) In what way do you think learning would look like in our Maths classroom?
I think it will be fun and very interesting.
(b) How do we contribute to a conducive and encouraging learning environment?
Keep quite when the teacher is talking.

Lesson 1 (03) What would help US learn better?

What are some strategies that you find helpful to learn well?
e.g. strategies you used to learn in class, understand the subject well, prepare for assessments.
Listen more attentively to the teacher and take down notes.

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