Whole Numbers-Application in real life

☉Whole Numbers: How it affects us☉

Whole Numbers exist in our lives and is very much part of us. Look around. You can see whole numbers everywhere. In your smartphones, in your LD's and even on you. There are 5 fingers. There are no. 1 to 9 on your smartphone. These are places where you can see whole numbers. It does't just affect us, it is part of us. You are made of numbers. Look at yourself. 2 eyes. 2 ears. 1 mouth. 4 limbs. 1 YOU.
So, you don't apply it. You are part of it. You are a part of numbers, whole numbers, around you. You can put a number to everything.

☊Whole Numbers are a part of this world. And you are part of it.☋

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