Xiao Tao (15) Lesson 1 (01,02 and 03)

Lesson 1 (01)

(a) the success and joys that you have experienced in learning Mathematics.
It is fun to solve difficult mathematics problem sums as I will feel a sense of accomplishment when I completed and understand the solution after taking a long time to solve the question.

(b) the challenges you have experienced with the subject; and how you think you could overcome these challenges this year?
Mathematics can be quite confusing for me at times and I have to take a longer time to learn about the subject (e.g. algebra) I think I could overcome this by asking a teacher when I am not sure of something and I should try to simplify the things that I do not understand.

Lesson 1 (02)
Maths experience in SST
(a) In what way do you think learning would look like in our Maths classroom?
It will be fun and challenging learning Maths.

(b) How do we contribute to a conducive and encouraging learning environment?
We can share our ways of learning mathematics and help classmates who needs help in Maths.

Lesson 1 (03)
Strategies to help us learn well
We can take down notes to help us with our Maths and also special methods to remember formulas.

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