eLearning Lesson 1 Task 1: Choice of Graphs

I felt that the the pie chart is inappropriate as the weather is not a number of any sort but is instead it is a condition which I believe is best shown as a pictogram.

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  1. Praveen

    Instead of using the thought that "weather is not a number of any sort" to guide us in our interpretation,

    Let's try to interpret slices of pies in the pie chart. E.g. the orange slice. What can we say about this? As we know that the pie chart would give us info in terms of %, are we able to interpret it as the %age of cities that have sunny weather?

    Now, keeping in mind the "characteristics" of the charts (3 others), try to interpret information in those charts and see if all would give us some interpretation that makes sense? or some are would end up with 'strange' interpretations?

    Try again.