eLearning Lesson 1 Task 1: Choice of Graphs

I find it inappropriate as we are able to count the number of locations affected by the type of weather. We thus do need to round it off to the nearest whole number.


  1. Wai Kit

    For the pie chart, it presents information in %. Hence, we would not try to derive numbers from the chart. Based on the chart you put up, we can say that all the cities experienced thunderstorm. Hence it would still allow us to do some sensible interpretation.

    Now, look at the 3 other graphs. Does anyone of them give you some strange interpretation?

    Try again.

  2. Yes. I find the line graph inappropriate. Line graph are mostly used to show changes over a period of time. The weather listed are only for a particular day or "moment". Also, there are many locations listed here. Line graphs are mostly meant for a certain and single object only.