Algebra (I)

Through this topic, we will begin our journey to...

Understand that …
1. algebra involves using symbols to represent relationship
2. algebra is the link between abstract and concrete
3. arithmetic rules are adhered to in Algebra

Answer the following questions...
1. What is algebra?
2. What is the role of algebra?
3. How does algebra explain and predict relationships?
4. How can algebra translate the abstract to concrete and vice versa?

By the end of Chaper 4

You will be able to ...
- use symbols to represent unknown in relationships.
- express a relationship using symbols.

In the course of learning, we shall attempt to answer the following questions:
1. How can simple real world situations be transformed into algebraic terms?
2. What are the characteristics of the various forms of algebraic statements?
3. What inference can be made from any given algebraic statements? (expressions, equations, inequalities)?

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