Level Test & Support Programme

Dear S1-04

A new copy of the ANSWERS have been uploaded into the GoogleSite (Maths > Class). Please go through the answers (as well as the explanation included) and do corrections.

Please complete the reflection to the questions that you have not attained full score.

As many of you had indicated that the paper was, after all, considered easy if you were allowed to use the calculator to attempt the paper.

On the other hand, in class, I've also shared with you the purpose of doing a non-calculator of the paper and the objective of the assessment.

That's why you are strongly advised to go complete the Reflection Sheet attached at the end of the test papers to think through and surface learning gaps so that you are more prepared for the upcoming Common Test.

Support Programme:
•[7] A Manicka Parveen
•[10] Chiam Chuen
•[22] Teng Chen Chang Gabriel
Please refer to the GoogleSite (Mathematics, Class Page) for more details

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