Chap 5 Algebra (5.3) Simplification of Expressions (I)

Your Task:
1. Choose ONE question from the following and attempt it in your notebook.
Note: Pick a question that you think it is challenging enough for you
2. Copy the question (including the Question number (e.g. 1(a))
3. Describe how you simplify the expression by writing down your working EXPLICITLY (as if you are trying to explain to someone who is new to algebra)
4. Write in ink - legibly, big, clear and neat

Take a picture of your work and post it in this Maths blog by today 2359h.
Subject title: Chap 5.3 Simplification of Expressions (Q1e)
Label: Algebra, Simplification
Insert your name and register number at the beginning of the post.

This is your daily homework that you must attempt.

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