Summary of Activities for the June Holidays

1. eLearning for Chapter 7
(a) All five lessons were posted in the GoogleSite > Maths - refer to the left panel for link
(b) Handouts were given out in Term 2 Week 9. It comprises of Homework Practice to completed after you have attempted the online lessons 3 to 5. Softcopy of this handout is also made available in the GoogleSite (in case you misplace the hardcopy)
(c) Submit this handout when you report for school in Term 3 Week 1.

2. Viva Voce Practice 3
Click at the TAB at the top of this page and attempt the Practice.
To be uploaded into the Maths blog before 1 June.

3. Holiday Fun Pack
(1) This set of handouts was issued on 18 May morning via the class Maths representative.
(2) Complete this set of handout and submit it when you report for school in Term 3 Week 1.

4. Supplementary Exercise
Click to View: Sec 1 Supplementary Work for Semester 1

5. Review of Semester 1's work
Click to View Sec 1 Reviewing Learning in Semester 1

A planner is included HERE which you can download to help you plan your revision during the holiday.

Face-to-Face Clarification session:
I'll be in the Info Hub on Friday 1 June (9 am to 12 noon). You may come to school to see if to clarify your work. Alternatively, you can also find me 'online' (please see post below).

Do set aside some time to rest and play, while you attempt to address the learning gaps you have identified.

With regards
Ms Loh

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