Submission of (1) Holiday Fun Pack (2) Self-Directed Learning Assignment (Chap 7)

To-date, the following have NOT submitted your holiday assignments.
The deadline was extended to TODAY (29 June) on the basis that you needed more time to complete the work. Work are to be submitted Ms Loh 's pigeonhole by end of TODAY.

As pointed out in class, it is your responsibility to ensure the work is submitted by TODAY (29 June). Failure to do so would imply that you would go for Supervised Study (even if the piece of work is handed in on next Tuesday), on the account that you have not been able to fulfil your responsibility to learning.

Holiday Fun Pack
  1. Lynnette
  2. Arjun
  3. Chiam Chuen
  4. Ethan
  5. Zhongzhi
  6. Keen Yung
  7. Shi Jie
  8. Chun Leong

Self-Directed Learning (Chapter 7)

  1. Jia Wen
  2. Arjun
  3. Chiam Chuen
  4. Ethan
  5. Guo Feng
  6. Zhongzhi
  7. Chun Leong

Algebra Puzzles

Make reference to the Puzzle in p90,
in your group, craft a puzzle with no less than 5 steps that requires the reader to solve.

You may end your puzzle 'question' in the manner shown in p90.
Alternatively, you also put down something like...
You will get {a certain value? or the original number}.
Test it out!
Do you know why?

Subject title of the post: Puzzle - contributed by Group N (Name1, Name2, Name3)
Label: Algebra, Puzzle

Ethan_Viva Voce PRactice 3

Sorry if this was a bit late, because Blogger's video upload system is horrible as we all know so sorry for inconvenience caused.

20120626 Support Programme

Hi Everybody

During the June Vacation, you attended a remedial session to revisit topics we learnt in the 1st Semester.
This term, you would be attending the Support Programme, which takes place on Tuesday 2-3 pm.

Please report to S1-04 classroom at 2 pm.

(1) Muhd Danish Karlin (S1-01)
(2) Puteri Nur Huda Bte Mohd Ariff (S1-01)
(3) Nurul Hannah Bte Azman (S1-01)

(1) Muhd Daniel B Rosli (S1-02)
(2) Wong Liang Yung Nicholas (S1-02)
(3) Justyn Lim Ding Sheng (S1-02)
(4) Christopher You Yi Rui (S1-02)
(5) Francis Yeo Zaho Yik (S1-02)
(6) Siddhant Chaurasia (S1-02)
(7) Lee Ning Beatrys (S1-02)
(8) Rachel Mark Yuen Yee (S1-02)
(9) Nur Qadirah Bte Abdul Wahid (S1-02)
(10) Oliver Tan Yi Yan (S1-02)
(11) Kenneth He Zhi Jing (S1-02)
(12) Kabir Krishaan Bhugtiar (S1-02)
(13) Lim Guan Qun (S1-02)

(1) Teng Chen Chang Gabriel (S1-04)
(2) Goh Qian Zhe (S1-04)
(3) Chan Siew Ee Sarah (S1-04)

(1) Lau Guan Heng Jose (S1-09)
(2) Jerrold Wong Kheng Hang (S1-09)
(3) Jonah Patrick Tan (S1-09)
(4) Jason Ng Jia Sheng (S1-09)
(5) Khanna Aneesha Moneesh (S1-09)
(6) Bennett Neoh Cheng Yung (S1-09)

Viva voce 3

   My Quicktime player is not working but here are the answers to the question i chose.
I will find a way to fix the problem and upload the video next time.

Viva Voce 3 : Algebra Q 25

I apologize for late posting, couldn't hand it on Tuesday because of sore throat.

Sarah Chan