Chap 16 (Activity 2) What does the line say?

With reference to the graph above, give a scenario that could be represented by the graph above.
Remember to 'name' the horizontal and vertical axes so that you could describe the relationship clearly.
At the end of the description, make an attempt to write down the equation for the graph (with y being the vertical axis, x being the horizontal axis)

The relationship between the horizontal (x) and vertical (y) axes:


  1. As a person hires more workers, the number of tasks he takes per day would decrease.

  2. As a car's speed decreases, the distance the car goes decreases

  3. As the number of bulb increases in a serial connection the brightness each of light bulbs increases.
    Vertical Axis =Brightness of each bulb
    Horizontal Axis=The number of bulb in a serial connection.

  4. 'X' axis: Number of items bought
    'Y' axis: Amount of money left

    6x= 4y
    3x= 2y

    This means that the more a person spends, the lesser the amount of money he has left.

  5. X-axis:amount of water(in litres)
    Y-axis:(time of drinking water)

  6. This is just the opposite of another graph (with a increasingly steep gradient downwards). The relationship of X-coordinate and Y-coordinate is Y=X-10 (Y=-X+10)