Chap 13: Linear Inequalities in Real Life

Let's take a look at some of these sites... can the information be presented in a more succinct manner?
What do you think?

Pick ONE of the sites and one example from the site to "convert"...


  1. They can present it in a different way so that people can read it more better and more easily. Like using simple terms like the inequalities signs.

    1. Like the greater, lesser, greater equal to, lesser or equal to signs. You can also use the easiest which is the sentence way. Like the one in the speed limit website.

  2. They are using plain english and simple numbers to describe the speed limit as they want people to understand it much more easily (imagine that you never studied pass primary school) (they also, sometimes use the inequalities symbols, making the assumption that everyone can understand the symbols, which may not be true). They could express everything in a much more simplified way and safe us the trouble of ploughing through a few additional lines of information (it is boring and time consuming if you are as impatient as me)

  3. Heavy vehicles that require Application submissions to LTA, Pg 2:

    I feel that there are many figures being put in place, especially for the second criteria (rear overhang is more than or equal to 40% of the vehicle length or 1.8 metres, whichever is lesser ). This can be confusing for the owners of the heavy vehicles, hence some of the terms should be reduced for easier reading: Rear overhang is ≥ 40% of the vehicle length or 1.8 metres, whichever is lesser.

  4. Simple inequalities is used to simplify signs in our daily lives and it will use less space in the sign but it the disadvantage is that some people might not be able to read the signs as they are not familiar with the simple inequalities and sometimes if you miss out anything it will cause major problems and accidents

  5. They are merely using words as well as numbers to describe what they want to say, however, they could extend the mathematics possibility of using simple inequalities to put their point across. For example,
    Not exceeding 50,000kg
    Exceeding 50,000kg but not exceeding 100,000kg
    Exceeding 100,000kg

    could be put across simply as,
    50000(kg)< x ≤100000(kg)
    x> 100000(kg)

  6. For the Singapore Traffic Police diagrams, there is a section that says "accumulate >=12 points?" I think it would be better represented if it was written as "accumulate >12 points?"

    Therefore all the boxes in the diagrams which have '>=' or'<=' in them should be written as '<' or '>'.