Construction: Key Ideas

1. Equidistance from a point (circle)
2. Equidistance from a line (parallel lines)
3. Equidistance from 2 lines (angle bisector)
4. Equidistance from 2 points (perpendicular bisector)
5. Construction of Triangle 6. Construction of Quadrilateral

Lesson on 20 Sep (Thursday) 1245-1335: Construction of Lines & Angles

Dear S1-04:
Note that I will be taking over Ms Tay's class on that day.
It will be MATHS lesson.
Please bring the following - CONSTRUCTION Set
(Ruler, Protractor, Compass, Eraser, Pencil)

Term 4 Week 2: Getting Ready & Materials to bring

Dear Students

We have completed (S2) Algebra - Factorisation.
Remember to do the Homework assigned.
Please bring along your Maths Textbook 1B and the Homework Handouts for Chap 9 & Chap 10 for lessons next week.

Submission of Performance Task (as at 13 Sep 2012, 2359h)

Dear S1-04
As of yesterday (deadline), the following have submitted. Thank you being on tme.

The following have not submitted the Performance Task, and therefore will be attending the Supervised Study session this afternoon (14 Sep) to complete the task.
  • [12] Khor Ethan
  • [16] Lim Zhongzhi
  • [20] Ryan Chew
  • [22] Teng Chen Chang Gabriel

Submission of Performance Task

To-date (11 September 2012), only the following have submitted the Performance Task

(S2) Chap 2: Factorisation using Cross Method Example 1

Algebra - Factorisation of Quadratic Expressions - Type A

Below is a playlist that is a collection of 7 examples - to factories different types of quadratic expressions using the Cross Method. Here's the direct LINK to the list of clips.