Closure... Maths Class 2012

Dear S1-04

It's been a pleasure to be with you on your maiden learning journey in SST :)

In our attempt to make the learning experience more enriching and to bring out the "SST Flavour: Applied Learning with Technology use", several "new" approaches were introduced over the past few months. To name a few:
  • 6 AM Quiz
  • Story Marathon @ Facebook that bring a twist 
  • "Coffee Table book" @ Facebook on the topic of Geometry
  • Outdoor Data Collection Mission (eLearning activity cum Performance Task)
  • Problem Solving related to real life (e.g. The Cornfield Corn)
  • Hands-on activities like folding of rectangular sheets to learn about expansion
  • Formative assessment before the major assessments
  • Assessment through Viva Voce (Practice & Performance task)
  • Activities such as analysing the PSI values of different parts of Singapore at different times of the year
  • Creating Posters for the topic on Estimation
  • ...
Remember to attempt the closure survey posted at the GoogleSite (Announcement Page), which would be very helpful in shaping the kind of learning experiences you would like to have in the following year.